MELISSA + The Cambridge Satchel Co.




Some things are made so perfect the first time round, there's no need to change them. And some become even better when they join hands with an unexpected new friend. So when the archetypal British bag company was approached by Melissa, you would have thought they would have stuck with tradition and kept making the same iconic leather bags they have been making since 2008.

イギリスの The Satchel Companyは2008年からレザーのサッチェルバッグで人気を博しており、今年の2017年秋冬コレクションで、ブラジルの有名シューズブランド、MELISSAとのコラボレーションを発表しました。

In fact, it was quite the opposite. “It’s always wonderful to work with a brand who is just so excellent in what they do. They have a signature and a sense of themselves,” says Julie Deane, founder of The Cambridge Satchel Co. about working with Melissa. “There are such strong parallels between us. I think that’s what’s so lovely… is that in two countries so far apart you can find two brands that have so much in common”

「アイデンティティーをしっかり持っているブランドと共にコラボレーションができとても光栄だと思います。」とThe Cambridge Co. の創業者のジュリー・ディーンは言う。「ブラジルとイギリスという、二つの離れた国であっても、ブランドを通してお互いの共通点やアイディアを共有できることは大変素晴らしく思います。」

And just because it's made of plastic doesn't mean that it isn't made with the same love and care as the original. "Collaborations really set out the expectation of those people that you're willing as a brand to work with, says Julie. "Melissa is a brand where the ethics, sustainability, the quality and the design process matter."


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Melissa + The Cambridge Satchel Co. is made of 100% recyclable plastic. They maintain some of the British brand’s trademarks while bringing Melissa’s trademark: a characteristic bubblegum smell. CLICK HERE TO SHOP