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フロリダは、オーランドのゲイクラブで起きた悲劇から早一年が経つ。純粋にクラブで楽しんでいた多くの人たちが銃殺された悲劇が記憶に新しい。Scissor Sistersが最近リリースした新曲【MNDR】は、その事件の被害者達の追悼の意も込められているの。この夏、話題の曲になる事間違いないわ!!

On the 1 year anniversary of the Pulse massacre in Orlando Florida, where innocent victims were shot down while dancing to their favourite music in a gay club, it seems fitting that we should celebrate their lives with the release of a new song – and dance – from the Scissor Sisters and MNDR. It will no doubt be the song of the summer.


All proceeds from the sale of the single will go to Contigo Fundwhich emerged from the Pulse mass shooting and offers financial support to organizations working to heal, educate and empower LGBTQ and Latino individuals, immigrants and people of colour, as well as those working to end all forms of bigotry in Central Florida.


I can’t think of anything better than to honour the victims while Swerlking away at home and celebrating life. So without further ado, get down and Swerlk!