There is no other brand in the world like Melissa. Think about it - who else merges pure industrial materials like 100% plastic and makes it fashion-friendly? Melissa works hard to incorporate the latest trends into their designs, and works with some of the world's leading fashion designers, architects, furniture designers and artists to create a product that is not only thought-provoking, but also cool and fun to wear.



A few months back I was lucky enough to go to the  Melissa factory in the north of Brazil, where the company took me on a tour of the factory and I got to see that even though these shoes are plastic, they are lovingly made by hand. And I was also surprised that moments later the factory turned into a catwalk show, with top models and Melissa workers all wearing the latest styles. I thought it was great that they were able to incorporate all races, body shapes and their own employees into what was the most original fashion show I have ever seen. It's all a part of the company's all-inclusive ethos. This is surely a brand for everybody.

Here's a backstage video of the show - enjoy!

Jason Coates