Down the Rabbit Hole with Minna Parikka


My obsession with all things animal here at iheartokyo is verging on the criminal. Every season I give my allegiance to an adorable new animal print, shape or design, and I can’t get enough. Remember bambi from a few seasons ago? And then there was the leopard, the fox… Well this season we are swapping bambi for bunnies, and we are wearing them on our feet.

Minna Parikka's adorable polkadot tail sneaks

Minna Parikka’s adorable polkadot tail sneaks

白いウサギを追いかけるアリスのように、私はフィンランドシューズデザイナーのMINNA PARIKKAに目をつけていたの!! 彼女のパーソナルスタイルももちろん必見。とっても可愛くてゴージャスで。まるで50年代のムービースターの様。彼女がデザインするシューズは一度見たら忘れられないとっても独特なセンスが盛り込まれているの。

Like Alice who followed the white rabbit down that magical hole, I have been watching Finnish designer Minna Parikka’s adorable bunny shaped sneakers for some time. Actually, I have also admired her personal style, which is fab and gorgeous, like a technicolour moviestar from the 1950s. And her shoe designs, which are made in Europe from leather and teamed with other luxurious materials, reflect her own sense of glamour.

Designer Minna Parikka

Designer Minna Parikka

履くだけで楽しい気分にさせてくれる彼女のシューズ。Taylor SwiftやLady Gaga、Cara Delevigneまでも虜にさせてしまうんだから。

These shoes may be fun, but they are also seriously glamorous. Just ask Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Cara Delevigne.

Cara delevigne wears Minna Parikka's bunny sneaks

Cara Delevigne wears Minna Parikka’s bunny sneaks

世界のトップレベルのショップに置いてあるこのブランド、いよいよiheartでも販売開始!! 今すぐチェックしてみてね❤︎

Available in some of the best stores in the world, we are proud to finally be able to share them with our iheartokyo girls. Hop into them!

Minna Parikka's black sheep fur bunny sneaks

Minna Parikka’s black sheep fur bunny sneaks

Minna Parikka's pale blue sequin Tail Sneaks

Minna Parikka’s pale blue sequin Tail Sneaks

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