Desperately Seeking Madonna

先週の土曜日珍しくどこにも行かずにおうちにいたの。itunesでDesperately Seeking Susanをダウンロード。この映画見たことある?? Madonnaが世に出てきた頃にリリースされた映画。この映画のマドンナの迫力は今観てもとても輝いてる。こういう昔の映画でも未だに人々に影響を与える映画ってとても重要。現代のファッションにも影響を与えてると思うの。ピザを食べながらこんな映画を観る、そんな週末もたまにはいいんじゃないかしら。

Can you believe I was home alone last Saturday night? So rather than feeling glum I went onto itunes and downloaded Desperately Seeking Susan – have you seen it? The movie that starred Madonna way back when she was just starting out. There’s a rawness and an edge to that film which still shines through, along with Madonna’s ambition. It’s one of those movies that means so much to me, and I loved chowing down on Dominoes pizza while watching it, laughing away to myself.


Lady Gagaがデビューするよりはるか昔、Madonnaが一斉を風靡。みんなが知ってる名曲Borderlineがあってそのミュージックビデオがまたとっても素敵。とてもゲトーなんだけどどこか魅了される。ちなみにこの映画、Desperately Seeking Susanはそんな昔のまだ出たての頃のMadonnaが見れる。デニムの上から羽織ったレザージャケット。クロップドのTシャツに片耳だけにしたイヤリング。現代のファッションでもそんな格好した子達はいると思うの。今季のSretsisはまさにそんな80年代がテーマになったきらびやかなコレクションになってるわ♡

Way before Lady gaga, there was Madonna. And way before Vogue there was Borderline, a song about love with a kind of ghetto fabulous video to match. Here, as in Desperately Seeking Susan, you can really see Madonna’s amazing style start to show. Her way of layering a leather jacket over denim, cropped tees and single earrings is still inspiring to this day, and you can see it in the latest Sretsis collection.


There’s the iconic cropped and studded jacket:

Sretsis Runaway Band Jacket

Sretsis Runaway Band Jacket


And the cool cropped knit (with Madonna’s trademark beauty spot):

Sretsis Bowie Madonna Sweater

Sretsis Bowie Madonna Sweater


And then there’s the piping hot Electrocutes 80s inspired band dress:

Sretsis Electrocutes dress

Sretsis Electrocutes dress


And should you need more inspiration, watch the video over and over, learn the dance, and fall in love with Madonna all over again!

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