Make My Heart Sing

お気に入りの曲を聞いている時、その曲に入り込んじゃう時ってあるわよね。これはまさにそういう気持ちを閉じ込めたようなドレスなの!裾にレーザーカットされた楽譜が付いている3段のフリルがとってもキュート!胸元の大きな楽譜のハートの中には音符が踊っているの。このSretsisのMake My Heart Sing dressは絶対に他と被らない特別な一着。

You know there are some times when you are listening to your favourite song and you get so into it that you can literally feel the music? Well, this dress takes that feeling to another level where you can actually wear your favourite song! With its triple-tiered frilled skirt being lined with laser-cut musical notes, as well as the giant cut-out musical heart on the bodice, this Make My Heart Sing dress from Sretsis is a one-of-a-kind. It’s music to my eyes!

The musical Make My Heart Sing dress by Sretsis

The musical Make My Heart Sing dress by Sretsis


Obviously, this dress was made for dancing, so pump up your favourite music and dance around your bedroom to some old Madonna tunes. With all its ruffles and flounces, it’s so La Isla Bonita!


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