Introducing Saint Sin

昨年にパリで見つけたとってもクールなブランド、Saint Sinはクールかつ甘い女の子をイメージされてクリエイトされている。いつもいい子なだけじゃないちょっと生意気な部分も見え隠れするガールズ。そんないい意味で2面性を持つとても個性的なブランドのご紹介。

I first became aware of Saint Sin – the hot new Japanese brand of ultra soft and ultra cool tees – in Paris, where the brand was showing for the first time last year. Created with cool girls in mind, Saint Sin is all about the dichotomy that makes us girls so special – part good, part naughty; part saint, part sinner.


The Saint Sin "Divine" dress in blue

The Saint Sin “Divine” dress in blue

映画 John Watersからインスピレーションを受けた今期のコレクション。今最も注目されてるモデル、Sita Abellanがとっても可愛くルックブックで着こなしてくれているの。まさにJohn Watersの映画から出てきたかのような彼女が一つ一つのアイテムの魅力を引き出してくれてるの。

This season inspired by the movies of John Waters, Saint Sin enlisted the talents of model and hot girl around town Sita Abellan, who epitomized the cool instincts of Saint Sin. With her blue beehive looking like she’s stepped right off a John Waters movie, Sita is the Saint Sin girl to a tee.


The Saint Sin "Female Trouble" tee

The Saint Sin “Female Trouble” tee

The Saint Sin "Cuddles" tank dress in blue

The Saint Sin “Cuddles” tank dress in blue

The Saint Sin "Je Suis" tee

The Saint Sin “Je Suis” tee


それぞれのプリントがとてもアイコニックでいて、着心地も抜群。なんと生産は日本で行われているというから納得の仕上がり。ドレスも展開しているSaint Sinの魅力はとても着やすいって所にもあるの。このとってもニューなブランドを、皆とシェアするのをとても楽しみにしてたんだから❤︎

The core values that made me fall in love with Saint Sin is the fact that each tshirt is iconic, expressing the attitude of the brand, while being fun and easy to wear. Made from super soft Japanese jersey by artisans just outside of Tokyo, I’m excited to be sharing this new brand with you. Because deep down, I’m a good girl too…


The Saint Sin "Cuddles" tank dress in pink

The Saint Sin “Cuddles” tank dress in pink

The Saint Sin "Univers" tee

The Saint Sin “Univers” tee


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Down the Rabbit Hole with Minna Parikka


My obsession with all things animal here at iheartokyo is verging on the criminal. Every season I give my allegiance to an adorable new animal print, shape or design, and I can’t get enough. Remember bambi from a few seasons ago? And then there was the leopard, the fox… Well this season we are swapping bambi for bunnies, and we are wearing them on our feet.

Minna Parikka's adorable polkadot tail sneaks

Minna Parikka’s adorable polkadot tail sneaks

白いウサギを追いかけるアリスのように、私はフィンランドシューズデザイナーのMINNA PARIKKAに目をつけていたの!! 彼女のパーソナルスタイルももちろん必見。とっても可愛くてゴージャスで。まるで50年代のムービースターの様。彼女がデザインするシューズは一度見たら忘れられないとっても独特なセンスが盛り込まれているの。

Like Alice who followed the white rabbit down that magical hole, I have been watching Finnish designer Minna Parikka’s adorable bunny shaped sneakers for some time. Actually, I have also admired her personal style, which is fab and gorgeous, like a technicolour moviestar from the 1950s. And her shoe designs, which are made in Europe from leather and teamed with other luxurious materials, reflect her own sense of glamour.

Designer Minna Parikka

Designer Minna Parikka

履くだけで楽しい気分にさせてくれる彼女のシューズ。Taylor SwiftやLady Gaga、Cara Delevigneまでも虜にさせてしまうんだから。

These shoes may be fun, but they are also seriously glamorous. Just ask Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Cara Delevigne.

Cara delevigne wears Minna Parikka's bunny sneaks

Cara Delevigne wears Minna Parikka’s bunny sneaks

世界のトップレベルのショップに置いてあるこのブランド、いよいよiheartでも販売開始!! 今すぐチェックしてみてね❤︎

Available in some of the best stores in the world, we are proud to finally be able to share them with our iheartokyo girls. Hop into them!

Minna Parikka's black sheep fur bunny sneaks

Minna Parikka’s black sheep fur bunny sneaks

Minna Parikka's pale blue sequin Tail Sneaks

Minna Parikka’s pale blue sequin Tail Sneaks

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PAPRICA EDITIONS Garden of Wonders

私たちの友達であるPaprica、とってもキュートで異色を放つポーチやトートバッグを作るメーカーが、iheartのアイドルとも言えるファッションイラストレーターのPrzemek Sobockiとチームアップが実現。Przemekはポーランド出身のイラストレーター。アワードも受賞していて、ロンドンと東京で大活躍中のアーティスト。ランドスケープやドリーミーなガーデン、もちろんハイセンスなファッションワークとしても知られる彼。日本でのマガジンでも彼の作品を見ることも多々あるわね。数年前の伊勢丹でのショーウィンドウでは彼のイラストレーションとクリスマスが一体化し、まるで違う世界へ導くような作品を手がけたことも有名な話。

Our friends at Paprica – the makers of fabulous pouches and quirky bags and totes – have teamed up with an idol of ours at iheart, the incredible superstar fashion illustrator Przemek Sobocki. This award-winning Polish illustrator is famous in London and Japan for his wondrous landscapes, fantastical gardens and of course his high fashion work which has graced almost every magazine imaginable. And a few years back I remember walking into Isetan at Christmas and his illustrations covered every floor and window and ceiling! It was like being transported into another world!


p x parprika 1

p x parika 3


For this collaboration, Przemek concentrated on moody, midnight landscapes populated with adorable mushrooms, the home of magical creatures like deer. Then there are underwater sea-scapes, where colours are super vibrant and the vegetation is super trippy. Przemek then finishes his collection with the chic serenity of swans, gliding across the dark lakes.

PちゃんことPrzemekの作品をここでお披露目。夢いっぱいに広がる彼の作品がクラッチバッグとコラボレーションが実現!! とっても可愛いでしょ♡

Here’s some exclusive images of how Przemek, or “P-chan” as we call him, creates the images for the bags. I dream of being able to draw like this and to have such an incredible imagination!

Night Mushrooms behind the scenes

SEA Mushrooms - work in progress

with deer behind the scenes


私個人的にポーチやポシェットっていうアイデアが大好き。ちょっと変わった形のバッグに目がない私はもうこのバッグたちの虜に!! 素材はポリウレタン、レザートリミングにジッパーが付いたとってもシンプルなスタイル。どんなスタイルにもバッチリ決めてくれるこのシリーズはお値段もとっても優しいの。

Personally, I love the idea of a pouch or pochette – an oddly shaped bag where I can keep all of my wonders – and these, which are all made of PU and feature zips and leather trims, are perfect for my whims. And I totally heart merging art with fashion and making it accessible and easy to use and wear, so these bags just sing to me.


p x paprika 2

ドリーミーでファンタジーなアウトフィットからスタートっていうのはちょっと抵抗のあるそこのあなたも、この小さなクラッチバッグからなら簡単にスタイルに取り入れることができる。まずはあなたのワードローブと相談してみて。こんな色味のバッグにぴったりの洋服達がきっとあるはず!! 今すぐiheartをチェックしてみてね♡

So if you are a little afraid of adding too much fantasy to your wardrobe, or are looking to boost your spirits by some whimsy and wonder, these bags are definitely a fantastic start. Here’s a hint: Look at your wardrobe, and match the colours of the bags to some of your favourite pieces. It’s the easiest way to wear these bags and make sure that you remain inseparable!





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Iheart Shoot Exclusive: Victoriana Mexicana


Evolution is what fashion is all about – constantly morphing and reshaping how we dress and who we are influenced by is what it’s all about. However I can’t help falling in love with this new-look Victoriana, a fashion period I keep looking back to. This season, there’s an abundance of ruffled collars, lace, wide-sleeved shirting and references to all kinds of botanicals. There’s even cute pirates and tattoos!

でも今は2015年。そしてここはiheartokyo。やっぱりそこは一捻りあるスタイルを提案したいところ。写真のようなLAのストリートスタイルやヒスパニックのCholaガールズに、今雑誌を開けば色々なところで見かけるフェイスピアスや生え際の毛を使ったウェービーなヘアスタイルをストリートスタイルにミックス。このスタイルは今を行くFKA twigsやRihannaから影響を受けていると言っても過言ではないわ。

But don’t think of this as being a boring 1800s rehash – this is iheartokyo after all! This season there’s also a streetwise undercurrent inspired by LA and the hispanic chola girls. With face piercings, amazing marcel waved hair and an attitude of toughness, these cholas are influencing everyone from FKA Twigs and Rihanna to DKNY and Givenchy.

Typical LA chola style

Typical LA chola style

最近私たちチームiheartは、My Little Box Japanとのコラボレーションでシューティングを行ったの。モデルは私たちのお気に入りMelody洋子ちゃんをフィーチャー。フォトグラファーはお馴染みのMaciej Kucia。MelodyをちょっとしたストリートスタイルにChola風のツイストを。アウトフィットはもちろんIheartokyoからピックアップ。顔に光る金のタトゥは私たちの新しいブランド、パリブランドのDCERを使ってみたわ。

Recently the iheartokyo peeps teamed up with My Little Box Japan to do a collaboration fashion shoot, featuring our favourite supermodel Melody Yoko. Shot by the brilliant Maciej Kucia, we brought a bit of the chola vibe to Tokyo, dressing up Melody in Victorian inspired clothes from iheartokyo and giving them a street twist – shot in a park in downtown Harajuku, there’s a feeling of something fresh and new. We even covered Melody with temporary gold tattoos courtesy of DCER, new to iheartokyo.

My Little Box Japanとのコラボレーションを記念して、20000円以上のお買い物をしてくれた先着5名様にMy Little Boxと素敵なキャンドルをプレゼント。先着15名の方にはキャンドルをプレゼントしちゃう!!

To celebrate our collaboration with My Little Box Japan, we will offer the first 5 customers who spend over ¥20,000 a free My Little Fashion Box set and scented candle. The next 15 customers will also receive a candle, courtesy of our fabulous friends at My Little Box Japan.

The September My Little Fashion Box is filled with goodies

The September My Little Fashion Box is filled with goodies



Here’s the debut of our shoot below. We hope you enjoy the new season and its interplay between old and new at iheartokyo!


Tattoos and pirate imagery inform the new collection from Vivetta

Tattoos and pirate imagery inform the new collection from Vivetta

Intricate floral embroidery reminds us of traditional eastern European folk crafts

Intricate floral embroidery reminds us of traditional eastern European folk crafts

Lace can be pretty but it can also be cool and modern.

Lace can be pretty but it can also be cool and modern.

Frilled collars and botanical prints are very Victoriana.

Frilled collars and botanical prints are very Victoriana.

Cotton pinafores and traditional detailing looks somehow fresh and modern.

Cotton pinafores and traditional detailing looks somehow fresh and modern.

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Viva Vivetta!

この数ヶ月、ファッションウィークのために世界中を飛び回っていたの。特に印象深かったのはミラノファッションウィークで見たVivettaのショーかしら。記念すべき第一回目のショーを見れたことは、すごく幸せだったわ!いつもiheart をチェックしてくれてる皆さんもご存知の通り、Vivettaは超現実主義(シュールレアリズム)がもたらす影響と刺繍にフォーカスしたイタリアの新しいファッションブランドで、私も注目している今最もホットな”It Brand”なの。Vivettaの洋服のシェイプは常にフェミニンでデザイナーの遊び心に溢れいるのが特徴で、世界中のガーリーな女の子に愛されているブランドよ!もちろん私もお気に入り。(下の写真はショーの招待状。Vivettaのキーアイテムである、手が型どられた付け襟に刺繍が入ったもの。)

I have been rushing around a lot these past few months, jetting between fashion weeks all over the world. And I was super happy to go to Milan and to see the very first Vivetta show. As you know, Vivetta is the latest “It Brand” from Italy, with a focus on surrealist influences and wonderful embroidery. Vivetta’s shapes are always feminine and her spirit is always fun. It’s loved by girly girls all over the world, and for me it is becoming one of my favourites.

The Vivetta invite was this gorgeous cotton embroidered collar!

The Vivetta invite was this gorgeous cotton embroidered collar!

A portrait of the designer Vivetta

A portrait of the designer Vivetta

上の写真はVivettaのデザイナーVivetta Ponti。Vivettaが初めてメインストリームに飛び出したのは、ブランドのキーアイテムである手をモチーフにした付け襟をセレブ達(Alexa Chung, Charotte OlympiaやAnna dello Russo)がこぞって付け始めた頃かしら。今やブランドは世界中で有名になって、特に日本での人気はすごいのよ。だからそんなブランドのランウェイショーに招待されるなんて、とっても光栄でワクワクしたわ!(会場はミラノにあるアルマーニシアター)

Vivetta first sprung into mainstream consciousness through her distinctive “handscollar” being worn by celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Charlotte Olympia and Anna dello Russo, and now the brand has become famous all over the world, and particularly here in Japan. So it was super exciting to go to the runway show, which was held in the Armani Theatre in Milan.

The model's styling shots backstage

The model’s styling shots backstage

2015-02-28 11.19.51

Backstage at Vivetta

2015-02-28 11.20.12

I love the floral embroidery on this dress!


I was lucky enough to go backstage and see the model line-up before the show. And here are some photos I took at the show.

OOh just love the long lengths!

OOh just love the long lengths! この長い丈すっごくかわいい!

60s psychedelic faux fur!

60s psychedelic faux fur! 60sっぽいサイケなファーコートも素敵!

I love the adorable hands belt!

I love the adorable hands belt! この可愛らしい手のベルトも大好き!

Exquisite embroidery!

Exquisite embroidery! 最高に美しい刺繍のドレス!

This dress looks like it is floating on a cloud!

This dress looks like it is floating on a cloud! 雲の上を浮遊しているかのようなドレスも素敵


There’s nothing like seeing a show in the flesh, and this was a once-in-a-lifetime event for me and it made my love for this label grow. Now iheartokyo has just had delivery of the new collection – click on the below images to see some of the highlights!

The Vivetta Gold dress - exclusive to iheartokyo

The Vivetta Gold dress – exclusive to iheartokyo

The chic botanical Vivetta Raffo dress

The chic botanical Vivetta Raffo dress

The cropped Bobby top

The cropped Bobby top

The super spotty Vivetta Ben dress

The super spotty Vivetta Ben dress

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Desperately Seeking Madonna

先週の土曜日珍しくどこにも行かずにおうちにいたの。itunesでDesperately Seeking Susanをダウンロード。この映画見たことある?? Madonnaが世に出てきた頃にリリースされた映画。この映画のマドンナの迫力は今観てもとても輝いてる。こういう昔の映画でも未だに人々に影響を与える映画ってとても重要。現代のファッションにも影響を与えてると思うの。ピザを食べながらこんな映画を観る、そんな週末もたまにはいいんじゃないかしら。

Can you believe I was home alone last Saturday night? So rather than feeling glum I went onto itunes and downloaded Desperately Seeking Susan – have you seen it? The movie that starred Madonna way back when she was just starting out. There’s a rawness and an edge to that film which still shines through, along with Madonna’s ambition. It’s one of those movies that means so much to me, and I loved chowing down on Dominoes pizza while watching it, laughing away to myself.


Lady Gagaがデビューするよりはるか昔、Madonnaが一斉を風靡。みんなが知ってる名曲Borderlineがあってそのミュージックビデオがまたとっても素敵。とてもゲトーなんだけどどこか魅了される。ちなみにこの映画、Desperately Seeking Susanはそんな昔のまだ出たての頃のMadonnaが見れる。デニムの上から羽織ったレザージャケット。クロップドのTシャツに片耳だけにしたイヤリング。現代のファッションでもそんな格好した子達はいると思うの。今季のSretsisはまさにそんな80年代がテーマになったきらびやかなコレクションになってるわ♡

Way before Lady gaga, there was Madonna. And way before Vogue there was Borderline, a song about love with a kind of ghetto fabulous video to match. Here, as in Desperately Seeking Susan, you can really see Madonna’s amazing style start to show. Her way of layering a leather jacket over denim, cropped tees and single earrings is still inspiring to this day, and you can see it in the latest Sretsis collection.


There’s the iconic cropped and studded jacket:

Sretsis Runaway Band Jacket

Sretsis Runaway Band Jacket


And the cool cropped knit (with Madonna’s trademark beauty spot):

Sretsis Bowie Madonna Sweater

Sretsis Bowie Madonna Sweater


And then there’s the piping hot Electrocutes 80s inspired band dress:

Sretsis Electrocutes dress

Sretsis Electrocutes dress


And should you need more inspiration, watch the video over and over, learn the dance, and fall in love with Madonna all over again!

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Make My Heart Sing

お気に入りの曲を聞いている時、その曲に入り込んじゃう時ってあるわよね。これはまさにそういう気持ちを閉じ込めたようなドレスなの!裾にレーザーカットされた楽譜が付いている3段のフリルがとってもキュート!胸元の大きな楽譜のハートの中には音符が踊っているの。このSretsisのMake My Heart Sing dressは絶対に他と被らない特別な一着。

You know there are some times when you are listening to your favourite song and you get so into it that you can literally feel the music? Well, this dress takes that feeling to another level where you can actually wear your favourite song! With its triple-tiered frilled skirt being lined with laser-cut musical notes, as well as the giant cut-out musical heart on the bodice, this Make My Heart Sing dress from Sretsis is a one-of-a-kind. It’s music to my eyes!

The musical Make My Heart Sing dress by Sretsis

The musical Make My Heart Sing dress by Sretsis


Obviously, this dress was made for dancing, so pump up your favourite music and dance around your bedroom to some old Madonna tunes. With all its ruffles and flounces, it’s so La Isla Bonita!


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